About Energy Scape Design

Energy Scape Design is a Rhode Island based company that constructs and maintains commercial solar facilities.

Energyscape Design pole digger
Energy Scape Design can assist you in all of your construction needs to get your solar facility energized. We are a certified Rhode Island Renewable Energy Professional Organization. Our team has years of experience in the Northeast. We are a Rhode Island registered and insured contractor focusing on solar construction and maintenance. Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources logo
We are your 1 stop landscaping operation. Solar facility landscaping has become a key component in permitting. We install a vast variety of plantings to enhance the vegetated buffer zones between the solar facility and nearby neighbors. Our landscaping architects ensure you have the best possibility of receiving approval on a solar facility. Once the solar facility is approved, we install all the necessary landscaping plantings. After installation of racking, we hydroseed the solar field with our special low growth/mow seed blend. After the solar facility is operational, we manage all landscaping maintenance requirements. With our custom specialty machines and mowers we can maintain the grass and vegetation without damaging solar PV modules/panels. Grass maintenance is an integral part of protecting and optimizing your solar facility. Weeds and long grass can cause shade cast on your solar PV facility. Our goal is to ensure your investment is operating efficiently and safely.
Energy Scape Design specializes in installation of fencing around commercial solar projects. We install projects from .5 acres to 100+ acres. Energy Scape Design has a specialty team specifically certified by the American Fence Association (AFA). We have currently installed fencing for over 50+ megawatts of solar in the Northeast.

Energy Scape Design Services

Commercial Solar Energy Experts

We can consult you in your development process to ensure your system is built to the highest standards for optimum output for your commercial solar project.

Tree Shading Analysis

Shade cast is not conducive to optimal output at a commercial solar facility. We analyze the trees heights and elevation. This will help in optimizing output prior to construction.

Fence Installation

We install fencing and gates around your solar facility for safety and security. We install our fences to (NEC) National Electrical Code standards.

Maintenance & Landscaping

Energy Scape Design manages all landscaping requirements at your solar facility. We ensure your solar facility is perfectly maintained for optimal solar output.

Solar Facility Solutions